The Sikorsky S-92

The S-92 is the medium-lift helicopter developed by Sikorsky Helicopters of the USA.

Sikorsky S-92 First flown in December 1998, the S-92 is based on the S-70 Black Hawk military helicopter and is available as the civil S-92 and the military H-92 Superhawk.

Civil certification was received in December 2002, and the S-92 meets a variety of commercial and international utility needs, including passenger, offshore oil support, cargo, and search and rescue roles.

The type is also designed for aeromedical and executive transport use.

Carrying 19 passengers in the civil role and 22 in the utility transport variant, it is understood that the development programme may include a stretched version with greater capacity.

Details of the type's specification are shown in the table on the helicopters page.


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