Polish Air Force 300 Squadron Memorial
All Saints Church, Faldingworth
Church Porch Outer Gates

Dedicated Saturday 8 October 2005
za nasza i wasza wolnosc


All Saints Church, Faldingworth, has become a focal point in the area for the recognition of those who served on 300 Squadron of the Polish Air Force at Faldingworth, and includes all those who flew from RAF/PAF Faldingworth 1944 to 1946, many of whom lost their lives.

300 Squadron Faldingworth Church 300 Plaque 300 Window 300 Squadron

A plaque was placed in church in 1995 and at the same time the children painted a picture for the school hall depicting the Manna Drop preparations, and then the Polish pilot insignia was given to the school. A donation of silver candlesticks was made to the church from the American New York branch of the Polish Air Force Association and then a stained glass memorial window was installed. A display cabinet with the 300 Squadron Badge from Poland on the front followed, with memorial guard books holding some 150 photographs. A memorial on the airfield was next and a site for personal memorial trees, one of which has already been planted. Recently two volumes of the history of the Polish Air Force 1939-45 were presented to the school.

300 Squadron Church Gates All the above led to other people wishing to contribute. A generous bequest was given to initiate the provision of outer porch gates to the church; these will be seen by anyone passing by.

The gates commemorate the sacrifices made by the whole Squadron right down to the individual.

They commemorate the coming together of peoples, in this case Polish and British, to join in a common cause and in some cases include the marriage of Polish and British men and women.

The main donor’s father flew from Faldingworth and was a prisoner of war, marrying an English girl. Her name was Beryl, his Henryk, the initials BH are the identity letters of 300 Squadron.

The gates have the following elements -

ballconstructed in hand forged steel

ball the design shows the PAF and RAF markings with the 300 Squadron letters BH

ballabove this the impression of the runway

ball the arms sweep out from different parts of the world, Poland and Britain, to join as they pass through the door into the next existence

ball wings carry one skyward for those who returned, with a half wing either side of the door for those who did not

These gates were dedicated on Saturday 8 October 2005.

See the Faldingworth Memorials website for more details of the memorials.

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