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Polish Air Force Memorials

PAF Memorial at Northolt A range of memorials and commemorative items to the Polish Air Force is to be found in Lincolnshire. Each location in the following summary is shown by name and by the ordnance survey Landranger series map reference number.

Others may also be noted. The policy of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is to repaint aircraft during major overhauls to represent particular Squadrons.

During the late 1980s/early 1990s Hurricane PZ865 carried the markings of 303 Squadron, representing one of the Squadron's aircraft in the Battle of Britain.

Although Newark is just over the county boundary into adjoining Nottinghamshire it has been included because of the strong links with the Polish Air Force in Lincolnshire and it is the location of the Polish Air Force cemetery and Memorial.

Similarly, the Memorial in Tinwell church in Rutland is included as it commemorates members of the Polish Parachute Brigade, which was based in Lincolnshire.

The national Memorial to the Polish Air Force in the UK stands close by to RAF Northolt (home of 303 Squadron in the Battle of Britain), and is shown in the photograph here.

Please Note

Changes may take place to the Memorials listed. Although many are of a permanent nature, others - for example plaques and certificates - may be moved temporarily for cleaning, be repositioned, or even put into storage.

Such changes may have affected those listed below since the site was last visited. If a long journey is planned specifically to view a particular Memorial it may be wise to check beforehand.

Similarly, it will be appreciated that not all the items are in publicly accessible areas. Some can only be viewed by prior arrangement, and permission is not automatic.

(RAF) Coleby Grange

(121/TF011607) On the A15, just north of its junction with the B1202.

In the The Kitchen cafe (formerly the Coleby Truck Stop and also the Boundary Cafe) was a commemorative certificate to 307 Squadron, which operated de Havilland Mosquito NFXII night fighters from RAF Coleby Grange during 1944.

(RAF) Dunholme Lodge

(121/TF012793) At the William Farr School, Welton, on unclassified road between the A15 and the A46.

The school is built on a domestic site of the former Station, and the school library holds a range of material relating to RAF Dunholme Lodge, including photographs of Polish Air Force and Polish Resettlement Corps personnel.

(RAF) East Kirkby

(122/TF337624) At the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, just off (signposted) the A155.

A Canadian Sugar Maple tree was dedicated on 18 March 2000, in memory of all airmen who flew with the Polish bomber Squadrons in Lincolnshire, and their ground support.

The Centre includes panels describing the Polish Squadrons based in Lincolnshire, and a display in memory of Kapral A Bardecki of 316 Squadron (killed on 2 October 1944 when his Mustang crashed in Norfolk).

Opened in 1989 the Centre is a memorial to Bomber Command 1939-1945. Lancaster VII NX611 is a memorial to all Lancasters, to the aircrews who flew them and to the groundcrews who serviced them.


Faldingworth Window (121/TF066848) In the village church (All Saints), Faldingworth, on the A46.

A memorial plaque in north aisle was dedicated on 29 April 1995 in remembrance of the many men and women of the Polish Air Force who served at Faldingworth aerodrome from 1944 to 1947.

Adjoining the plaque a memorial window to 300 Squadron was dedicated on 25 September 1999, and memorial gates to the church were dedicated in October 2005.

Displayed on special occasions are candlesticks presented by the New York branch of the Polish Air Force Association, and a memorial book containing photographs of personnel who served at Faldingworth.

See the Faldingworth Memorials website for more details.

(RAF/PAF) Faldingworth

(121/TF028848) In the factory site, on unclassified road between the A15 and the A46.

When the site was part of the Royal Ordnance group the headquarters building held a certificate commemorating 300 Squadron and 305 Squadron. 300 Squadron operated Avro Lancasters from Faldingworth between 1944-1946, as part of 1 Group Bomber Command. In 1946 it was joined by 305 Squadron with de Havilland Mosquitos, and both Squadrons disbanded in January 1947.

In May 2004 a Memorial was dedicated on the old airfield site.

See the Faldingworth Memorials website for more details.

(RAF) Hemswell

(112/SK951901) At the former station site, on the A631 west of Caenby Corner.

Located next to the parade square is a memorial to all who served at RAF Hemswell from 1936-1967, and especially those who lost their lives during the Second World War.

The memorial, dedicated on 6 September 1995, features an bronze eagle mounted on a concrete column bearing the Station Badge, surrounded by a low wall, slate flagstones carrying the Badges of (amongst others) 300, 301, and 305 Squadrons, and flanked by two oak benches.

(RAF) Ingham

(121/SK958833) In The Windmill public house, on the B1398 adjoining the former RAF Ingham site.

The public house had a print and photographs of Wellington IV Z1407, BH.Z of 300 Squadron, depicting damage to the aircraft after an operation from the Station in September 1942.

RAF Kirton In Lindsey

(112/SK942979) In the headquarters building, on (signposted) the B1400.

When the station was the Royal Artillery Rapier Barracks it held a commemorative certificate with the Badges of 302, 303, 306, 307, 316, and 317 Squadrons which operated from RAF Kirton in Lindsey between 1940-1943. With the exception of 307 Squadron, the units all flew Spitfires.

307 Squadron was a night fighter unit, and was the only Polish Air Force Squadron to be formed in Lincolnshire, at Kirton in Lindsey in September 1940. Amongst its original aircraft was the Defiant aircraft N1671 now on display in the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon.


(121/SK978718) In the Cathedral (the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln), north of the City centre.

In the Airmen's Chapel (St Michael), are three Royal Air Force Memorial Books. The 1 Group and 5 Group books were dedicated on 8 November 1949, and contain the names of 21,000 personnel, including 687 personnel of the Polish Air Force

Newark on Trent

PAF Memorial and Cemetery at Newark (121/SK805526) At the Polish Air Force Cemetery in the town cemetery, on (signposted) London Road (A6065) south of the town centre.

The Polish Air Force Memorial was unveiled on 15 July 1941 by the President of the Republic of Poland.

Close by, are the Warsaw Air Bridge Memorial (dedicated on 3 October 1989) and a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cross of Sacrifice.

The cemetery contains the graves of three Polish Presidents, and 400 personnel from the Polish Air Force, Polish Resettlement Corps, Polish Navy, and Polish Parachute Brigade, as well as those of Commonwealth personnel.

Norton Disney

Norton Disney (121/SK890590) In the village church (St Peter), Norton Disney, on unclassified road between the A46 and A607.

In the south aisle of the church is a memorial plaque commemorating 300 Squadron and 301 Squadron which operated from nearby RAF Swinderby.

An adjoining plaque is in memory of Flying Officer M Liniewski of 301 Squadron.

Sutton Bridge

(131/TF478212) At the village church (St Matthew), Sutton Bridge, on the A17.

The Royal Air Force Memorial Chapel of SS Michael and Philip (in the north aisle of the church) was dedicated on 29 March 1957 in memory of Commonwealth and Allied airmen who gave their lives whilst serving at RAF Sutton Bridge.

The altar frontal carries the Badges of the Royal Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Polish Air Force, and a Czechoslovak Air Force flying badge.

In the chapel is the Roll of Honour, and a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cross of Sacrifice stands by the military plot in the churchyard.


(121/SK890631) The The Halfway House, on the A46 close to the former RAF Swinderby, contained a number of items on display about the former RAF Swinderby, including a commemorative certificate to 300 Squadron and 301 Squadron, as well as detail of the North Kesteven District Council Airfield Trail. This public house has reopened as The Dovecote and it is not known if the original items are still on display.


(141/TF006063) In the village church (All Saints), Tinwell, on the A6121.

A Memorial to aircrew of the United States 9th Air Force and paratroops of the Polish Parachute Brigade, who died in a collision between two C-47s of the 315th Troop Carrier Group from USAAF Spanhoe Lodge on 8 July 1944.


BBMF Hurricane
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane PZ865 in the markings of 303 Squadron

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