PAF Flying Badge Ranks
of the Polish Air Force


Polish Air Force ranks, showing RAF equivalents
PAF Rank Abbreviation Title RAF Rank
Generał Broni gen.broni General of Arms Air Marshal
Generał Dywizji gen.dyw. General of Division Air Vice-Marshal
Generał Brygady gen.bryg. General of Brigade Air Commodore
Pułkownik płk Colonel Group Captain
Podpułkownik ppłk Lt-Colonel Wing
Major mjr Major Squadron Leader
Kapitan kpt. Captain Flight
Porucznik por. Lieutenant Flying Officer
Podporucznik ppor. 2nd Lieutenant Pilot Officer
NCOs and Other Ranks
Chorąży chor. Warrant Officer Warrant Officer
Starszy Sierżant st.sierż. Senior Sergeant Flight Sergeant
Sierżant sierż. Sergeant Sergeant
Plutonowy plut. Platoon Sergeant Corporal
Kapral kpr. Corporal Leading
st.szer. Senior Private Aircraftman 1
Szeregowiec szer. Private Aircraftman 2
Podhorąży pchor. Officer Cadet Cadet

RAF Air Ranks / PAF General Ranks
Initially the Air / General ranks were -
Generał Broni was equivalent to Air Chief Marshal
Generał Dywizji was equivalent to Air Marshal
Generał Brygady was equivalent to Air Vice-Marshal
(with no PAF / Air Commodore equivalent)

PAF and RAF Rank Badges
In addition to PAF rank badges RAF rank badges were also worn -
corresponding to the post held under RAF establishment
(by which PAF Squadrons in the UK were organized).

Flying Badge
The flying badge shown above is that for Pilot, suspended
by a small chain and hook over the left breast pocket and
secured to the uniform on the back. The design of this metal
badge - an eagle in flight holding a wreath in its beak, and
unique amongst the world's aircrew 'wings' - is believed to have
been influenced by a painting by the 19th century Japanese
artist Ando Hiroshige.


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