Polish Parachute Badge Polish Parachute Brigade
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The Polish Parachute Brigade was formed on 23 September 1941 and was redesignated the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group in 1942.

The Brigade was incorporated into the 1st Allied Airborne Army in June 1944, and moved to Lincolnshire.

Under the command of Major-General S F Sosabowksi, it took part in Operation Market (the airborne part of Operation Market Garden) during September 1944, in the attack to seize the vital bridge at Arnhem.


Order of Battle - Operation Market
Unit Based
Brigade HQ Rock House, Stamford
1st Battalion Easton-on-the-Hill
2nd Battalion Wansford
3rd Battalion Peterborough
Anti-Tank Battery Blatherwycke
Light Artillery Battery (Stamford)
Engineer Company Wansford
Medical Company Stamford/Blatherwycke
Signals Company Easton-on-the-Hill
Transport/Supply Company (Stamford)

The Polish parachute qualification badge shown in the title above
is based on the current badge. That for the period of the second world war
has a bronze coloured eagle and gold coloured wreath.


9th AF United States 9th Air Force

Personnel of the Polish Parachute Brigade were flown to Arnhem in C-47 transports of the United States 9th Air Force. The Headquarters of the US IX Troop Carrier Command was in Grantham, and the units flying Polish Troops to Arnhem were -

61st Troop Carrier Group
Barkston Heath (Lincolnshire)

314th Troop Carrier Group
Saltby (Leicestershire)


Airborne Airborne

The Headquarters of the 1st British Airborne Division (dropped at Arnhem) was also in Lincolnshire, at Fulbeck Hall to the south of Lincoln. United States forces on Operation Market Garden included the 82nd Airborne Division (dropped at Nijmegen) and the 101st Airborne Division (dropped at Eindhoven).


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