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Operator From To Aircraft
Channel Air Ferries 1937 (1938) Dragon
Great Western and Southern Air Lines (1938) (1947) Dragon
Dragon Rapide
British European Airways (BEA) (1947) 1964 Dragon Rapide
Mayflower Air Services 1961 (1964) Dragon Rapide
Scillonian Air Services 1963 1964 Aero Commander
British Westpoint Airlines (1964) 1966 Dragon Rapide
Scillonia Airways 1966 1969 Dragon Rapide
Westward Airways 1969 1970 Islander
BEA Helicopters 1964 (1972) S-61N
British Airways Helicopters (1972) (1986) S-61N
Brymon Airways 1972 1990 Islander
Twin Otter
Isles of Scilly Skybus 1984 to date Islander
Twin Otter
British International Helicopters
British International
(1986) (1999) S-61N
Scotia Helicopter Services (1999) (2000) S-61N
British International (2000) 2012 S-61N



This summary of the main airline operators has been simplified for clarity.

Dates are those of operations to Scilly rather than the total period of each airline's existence. Only the main aircraft types used on operations to Scilly are listed.

Some airlines took over the services of another (existing) operator. Where this is the case and the new operator appears as a following entry in the table the To and From dates are shown in brackets; this is particularly relevant to British International.

British International - helicopter First to Scilly..........

British International's helicopter service was the direct descendant of the first airline to Scilly 75 years previously, the lineage from 1937 being -

- Channel Air Ferries
- Great Western and Southern Air Lines
- British European Airways (BEA)
- BEA Helicopters
- British Airways Helicopters
- British International Helicopters
- British International
- Scotia Helicopter Services
- British International

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