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The Flag of Cornwall is the Cross of St Piran. It is used by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, and by the associated airline Isles of Scilly Skybus.

Over recent years the Cornish Flag with the addition of the Union Flag (the Union Jack) displayed in the canton has been flown in Scilly. This Cornish Ensign has no formal approval and is held by some that it asserts a regional identity without being separatist, but seen by others as a demonstration that Cornwall is a colony of England....

What is without doubt is that this Cornish Flag is in use as a naval/maritime ensign for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It is an ideal choice for the Isles of Scilly pages of this web site as it reflects the maritime heritage of Scilly.

Examples of the relevant flags and ensigns are -


Cornwall the flag of Cornwall
Scilly the naval ensign created for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
RN the White Ensign, flown by the Royal Naval Air Service in Scilly during the great war
UK the Union Flag (Union Jack), flown by the Royal Air Force in Scilly after its formation
RAF-0 a style originally proposed for the Royal Air Force Ensign
RAF the Royal Air Force Ensign, flown at the airfield on St Mary's in the second world war
civil the Civil Air Ensign, flown at UK civil airfields and by UK registered aircraft
MN the Merchant Navy Ensign, flown by the r.m.v. Scillonian and other UK registered vessels
Cornish MN and a Cornish Merchant Navy Ensign is now popular around ports in Cornwall and Scilly


Scillonian Cross In 2002 Scilly News developed the Scillonian Island Cross with the help of votes from the public. The main Celtic cross celebrates the Islandsí heritage, the five pentacles represent the the main islands, orange the sunsets of Scilly and blue the waters which encompass the islands.


If naval ensigns have been produced, might the theme be extended so as to produce a naval air service ensign and a civil air ensign for Cornwall and Scilly, taking some of the features from those above?

that is if the occasion ever arose.........


KNAS a naval air service ensign
for Cornwall and Scilly
KCAS a civil air ensign
for Cornwall and Scilly

all text © Mike Ingham
style of the two new air ensigns © Mike Ingham


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