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Civil aircraft resident in Scilly have included -

G-AXSI Cessna F.172H Skyhawk
G-AYCO CEA DR.360 Chevalier
G-BHNK Jodel D.120A Paris-Nice
G-ROWE Cessna F.182P Skylane
G-BYME Gardan GY-80 Horizon
G-KWAX Cessna 182
G-MMNC Quicksilver



Scilly is a popular destination for visiting aircraft, including -

G-WAVE Grob G.109
G-AVBS Piper Cherokee
G-AIDL Dragon Rapide
and there are official/commercial visitors, some examples being -
G-MEAN Agusta A.109 (Castle Air)
G-THLS MBB Bo.105 (Trinity House)
G-MAFF BN2T Islander (Fisheries Patrol)
ZA710 Chinook (RAF)


visiting Piper Aztec on St Mary's  - 12.2k
visiting Piper Aztec G-BBDO on St Mary's, in the summer of 1999
photograph © Mike Ingham


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