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Isles of Scilly an introduction

Linked in legend to King Arthur and to the lost land of Lyonnesse.............

lighthouse The Isles of Scilly lie to the far south-west - 28 miles out into the Atlantic off Land's End.

This Land beyond Land's End covers an area 10 miles square and of the 150 islands and islets only five are inhabited, with a resident population of only 2,000.

An exceptionally mild climate combines with a special beauty and tranquility which gives Scilly its attraction to visitors.

The light and the clarity of the water give a sharpness experienced in only a few places in the world, and the sub-tropical gardens on Tresco are known well beyond the island itself.

Scilly's strategic location in the Western Approaches - at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and English Channel - brought the first aircraft to the Isles of Scilly, which has a rich and unique aeronautical heritage.

map Take a look at a map of Scilly and some photographs........

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